• Illumine Project, the Sports Clubs, Communities & Football

    It’s been a couple months since I’ve made any updates on this Update Site. Yet thousands come take a peek everyday and the number of Registered Users has topped 180,000. (Though obviously Registration isn’t necessary for any features here. But it’s a nice show of support.) There’s been some concern about what we’ve been doing with the Football (American) League. Some have been very concerned that it signaled some sort of change in Illumine’s broad approach to Sports. It absolutely has not. In fact the Clubs that own the Teams are Sports Clubs. NOT Football Clubs. The decision to build a league was a tough one arrived at only after it became clear American Football’s issues were never going to be taken adequately seriously unless the Fans…the Communities…themselves had a means to address them directly. To take ownership of them. To make for a better Game and hopefully make for better Sports in general. Not just in those Communities. And not just by anything done directly by these Sports Clubs. But by demonstrating the commitment Fans have and their willingness to go the extra mile & a half. When other Sports Leagues see this in action, hopefully it will encourage

  • The Illumine Generation Building Their Own Futures

    In the years leading up to the creation of the Illumine Project, the order of things was a top-down flow driven by the industriousness of older generations. Youth was for preparing for life in the World. That has been changing quickly. Now young people are beginning to not just think about preparing the World they’ll inherit, they’re making plans and in many cases taking action. That this phenomenon has coincided with the launching globally of the Illumine Project is serendipitous. The interest in Illumine has been strong across age groups, regions, income levels and professions or students alike. But among the generations newly facing their life decisions, it has been a hunger. A hunger that has matched their thirst for tangible ways to put their energies into productive and positive work. As we prepare to meet the demands of the Partners and Suppliers of Alibaba, along with Major Sponsors of Illumine and the Football Leagues and Sports Clubs, all of the principle pieces are falling neatly into place. Small Businesses are still the bedrock of most Communities. Mixing and matching the needs and capabilities of the Small Business Owners with the energetic Students and capacities of Major Corporations provides a

  • Why American Football for the Illumine Project?

    I have to say it has been pleasantly surprising how great the reception has been around so much of the World to the idea of bring American Football there. Now, to be fair, the 7-on-7 No Pads variety we’re primarily pushing outside of the United States has many differences from the 11-on-11 Helmet & Pads version generally seen on television. Although I think something is lost by not being able to see the Players faces, the reasons for this had little to do with optics. That decision was based on simple experience I picked up working to spread Baseball into a few different parts of the World, most notably Africa. The more equipment you use, the more out of reach you make the Game for many. 7-on-7 No Pads Football is about as little equipment as you can get. A Ball. Just like Football (Soccer) and Rugby. The next major reason is because I believe 7-on-7 No Pads of an American flavor of something similar will be the most likely choice when and if the International Olympic Committee decides to give the game a try as an Olympic Event in a couple years. Americans may like the Olympics, watch the