30 Million New Media Start-Ups

Among the most fundamental of Illumine Project goals for New Media is the creation of 30 million New Media Start-Up Companies.

This goal has already been laid out for others on the New Media frontier including major Ad Networks and Video Host/Ad Networks. The 30 million target isn’t entirely made up of New Media Television and Multi-Media Outlets. Many are Ad Networks, Ad Sales and Marketing Companies, Marketing Groups, Video Traffic Management Companies, Video Search Companies, the NextGen SEO Companies, Content Creators, Customer Service and Support Companies, Graphics and Special Effects Companies, Voice-Over Firms, Creative Groups of all sorts, Network Companies of all sorts. Specialized Financial Companies and Administrative Services Companies.

It’s a broad list.

But New Media will be at the center of the vast majority of all Business and Consumer Activities Worldwide, across ever Industry Sector and much deeper than just “Advertising”. The days when Advertising will cut it are over. Now are the days for comprehensive solutions to Sales, Marketing and Service.

And more.

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