A Quick Snapshot On New Media

There are three distinctions between New Media and Old Media and they’re everything.

The first distinction is Old Media was built on limitation. Limited and tightly controlled access. Limited on range of content. Limited on the number of Media Companies. New Media has none of this. It literally costs nothing to be a New Media Company. Nothing. But that’s just the beginning.

Content is everywhere. Not just free content, paying content. And we’re only beginning down this road. Companies that link Content Creators with New Media “Publishers” and Advertisers are popping up every day. A person can decide to be a New Media Company in the morning and be generating income in the evening and doing so without creating even one piece of content. And without spending even one penny.

That’s the bottom of the Content Distribution pile and for many People that’s good enough. They take their free sites and their free content and their instantly approved advertising and then begin talking it up on their free social media and in the free forums and anywhere free they can go which on the internet means the numbers of free places far exceeds the amount of free hours in a day…you have to stop to sleep and eat and go to the bathroom sometime. So they search freely on the free web for freeware to automate as much of this as they can and then the software is working for them for free even when they’re finally taking a break to rest.

And by doing absolutely nothing else but this the business that cost them nothing to enter, required very little technical knowledge and not even any knowledge of something to say, just distributing content created by others who do, that person can easily bring in $80 to $120 a day and many do much more. Even in the more expensive Industrial (or used to be Industrial before deciding Industry takes work so outsource to people who don’t mind working) Nations that for many people isn’t bad. In many Countries it’s an absolute gold mine.

But that’s just the bottom of the New Media pile. Over the next 6 weeks we’ll be discussing step-by-step how to climb to the top of the New Media heap.

And how to be a force in all Industries by being a serious New Media business.

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