6 Million Six-Figure New Economy Jobs In Florida

The Illumine Project has completed the Foundation Stage and is moving into the Maturing Stage.

To act as a forging and adjustment Beta and as an example for the rest of the World, I’ve picked Florida to focus on first. First to push Illumine to the next level. First to begin building the promise of the New Economy. First to provide a glimpse of what the remainder of the 21st Century will look like.

First to benefit from the combination of New Technologies, the 4th Industrial Revolution and the growing Global Middle Class.

The Illumine Project has been highly successful in building enormous Global Reach. Technology Development, Services Development, the building up of the Freelance Economy. In numerous areas, Illumine has met or exceeded expectations.

But now comes one of the more difficult parts. Focusing Community Development. Ensuring Robust Local Economies that can withstand Global Changes. In short, not just building. But building to last generations.

And we’re starting it in Florida.

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