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Recent study about the Gig Economy showed that the Freelance workforce in the United States grew from 53 million to 55 million in 2016. In fact, 35% of the entire labor force of the country are composed of Freelancers.

In addition to this, it is stated that the Freelance workforce was able to earn an estimated of $1 trillion in 2015, which contributes a significant share in the US Economy.

While a lot of people are jumping onboard and joining the growing population of Freelancers, there is also a growing number of people who don’t have a clear idea of what to do as a Freelancer. There are individuals who end up doing data entry works and minor administrative tasks which offer little room for growth. And thus, lowers the possibility to making more money in Freelancing.

But I believe that one of the perks that every Freelancer must experience is the advantage of making more money compared to an average corporate employee. Besides, what’s the point of owning your own service business if you still can’t live the life that you wanted to live.

So let’s go now to the million-dollar question: What are the top paying jobs that you should pursue in growing your Freelancing career or business? I will answer that in a short moment. But before that, let us examine first the different factors that affect the rate that you can charge on your Freelancing gigs. These factors are based on a research conducted by Hubstaff in 2017 about
Freelancing trends.

• Experience and skills

Logic dictates that those who have more experience and higher level of skills can demand higher rates compared to a completely new Freelancer. This is confirmed by the research done by Hubstaff where they found out that the average hourly rates charged by developers and freelance marketers are highly dependent on their experience.

• Having a personal website

You might not realize this at first, but according to Hubstaff’s research, Freelancers with websites can charge 65% more than those Freelancers who don’t have their own websites. Based on their research, the average hourly rate for a Freelancer without websites was $20.57 while those Freelancers with websites can command an average of $33.90.

• Location and Cost of Living

Another startling information that you need to understand is that your income can be highly affected based on where you live and how much you are spending per month on necessities. For instance, according to Hubstaff’s research, Freelancers in Great Britain can charge an average hourly rate of $46 while Freelancers in the Philippines earn the lowest average hourly rate of $12.
With those things in mind, now you must have a clearer perspective on how you can make more as a Freelancer. You can go and develop your skills and gain more experience, build a website for your Freelancing business, or just go ahead and migrate to countries that command higher rates.
But if those things are too complicated for you, then you can simply solve this dilemma by focusing on jobs that pays well. Here are five high paying jobs that can give you a decent income as a Freelancer.

1. Programming and Software Development

We are now in the age of disruptive technologies where new software and programs are taking the spotlight while aiming to be the next Facebook or Uber. Not only that, companies and big corporations are now also looking at the benefits of having a computer system that can further optimize their operations and thus the need for excellent coders and developers.

If you have the technical knowledge to do this kind of job, then you can easily charge $150 per hour especially if you are knowledgeable in programming languages like IOS and WebGL.

2. Web Design and Development

People are now becoming more dependent on their mobile device. Think about it. You can do almost anything online. From finding recipes, buying appliances, finding houses, and a lot more, everything is done through the web. Thus, companies are heavily investing on their websites both the design and functionalities.

In an Upwork research in 2015, PHP development is the most in-demand skills while web design ranks in the 7th spot. Though again, you need some technical knowledge and skills in order to make money from this job.

3. Content Writing

Another well-paying job as a Freelancer is content writing. In spite of the changes brought by various technological advances, writing is a skill that is still in-demand. Though not everyone has a talent in writing, those who have the guts and creativity to write can earn at least $50 up to $500 per article.

4. Copywriting

Copywriting is normally called ‘salesmanship in print.’ The copywriter’s job is normally to write sales letters, advertisements, descriptions that aim to convince the reader to buy from the company.

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